February 6, 2024

Tenant groups in Quebec

Tenant groups in Quebec: Essential help for an effective apartment search

Tenant groups in Quebec

Looking for an apartment in Quebec can be a complex and stressful process. It can seem even more complicated when you are new to the province. However, there are several tenant groups whose mission is to help those who are looking for new housing. Here are some of these groups that can support tenants in their efforts.

Associations and groups

Grouping of housing committees and tenant associations of Quebec (RCLALQ)

The RCLALQ is a coalition of tenant associations across the province of Quebec. He campaigns for the right to housing, lower rents, improving the quality of the rental stock as well as access to social housing. The RCLALQ also offers educational resources and workshops to help tenants understand their rights and responsibilities.


Federation of Low-Rent Housing Tenants of Quebec (FLHLMQ)

The FLHLMQ is an organization that represents the interests of tenants living in social housing in Quebec. They offer a range of services to tenants, including information on finding accommodation, available grants, and advice on defending tenants' rights.


FRAPRU (Popular Action Front for Urban Redevelopment)

FRAPRU is an organization that campaigns for the right to housing and for the improvement of housing conditions in Quebec. They can offer resources and support to tenants.


Quebec Tenants Association (ALQ)

Based in Quebec, the ALQ informs and supports tenants by providing them with legal information and advising them on their rights and obligations.


Housing Committees

There are several housing committees in each region of Quebec, for example the Plateau Mont-Royal Housing Committee, Ville-Marie Housing Committee, and South Shore Housing Committee.

These committees work to defend tenants' rights, promote better access to decent housing and fight gentrification.

You can find the housing committee closest to you by consulting the RCLALQ website or by carrying out a local search.

The Villeray Tenants Association (ALV)

The ALV is committed to improving the living conditions of tenants in Villeray and promoting the right to housing for all. They offer information, workshops and support services to tenants to help them in their apartment search.

The Côte-des-Neiges Housing Education and Information Organization (OEIL)

L'OEIL supports tenants in Côte-des-Neiges by offering them information and training on their rights. They also help resolve problems between landlords and tenants and advocate against housing discrimination.

In summary, these tenant groups play a crucial role in supporting people looking for an apartment in Quebec. They provide valuable resources and information that allow tenants to better understand their rights and responsibilities. People looking for accommodation are therefore advised to contact these organizations for help and advice.